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Top 10 reasons to buy travel insurance!

1) You get delayed and miss your flight/ferry etc!
2)One your flight has been cancelled or delayed .
3)Your wallet,tickets,passports etc have been lost or stolen and you need help!
4)You have an accident or an “incident”
5)You get sick ! Ie a medical emergency .
6)Your airline,cruise company or tour operator goes bust!
7)A bad storm means that you have to leave your resort accommodation or can’t get there!
8)A volcano erupts! (Yes it does happen ! )
9)You have to cancel trip as family member becomes gravely sick.
10)You get mugged!

Hopefully none of these events will happen but in today’s modern world you can never be too sure!



Travel Insurance Notes
Cancellation Coverage. This is an option with almost all travel insurance and it has a impact on the price of your travel insurance policy. As the name sounds, with cancellation coverage, you are covered in the event that you need to cancel your trip. This is great for people who have ever-changing schedules and might want to cancel their trip.It will increase the cost of your policy, but if you do cancel will save you a significant amount.
Countries Visiting. The places that you visit make a difference on the policy you should choose. You will want to make sure that you are covered for the country that you are going to and even the countries that you might go to. Err on the safe side and over-book your policy to be sure and have the peace of mind that comes with that.
Always avoid countries that are unstable and/are at war if you can. Travel insurance helps to safeguard you in case anything goes wrong.(which from time to time happens!).
Plan for the worst with, but hope for the best, as the old saying goes,and enjoy the holidays!


Why should I buy Travel-insurance?

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is a temporary insurance that provides cover while you’re on vacation or in transit. It either works in conjunction with, or independent of, your regular major medical insurance. Travel insurance is commonly offered if you use a travel agent, book a cruise or go on a package tour.You can also buy it online with in a few minutes at a very good price


Here are four reasons to buy travel-insurance even if you already have a health insurance plan:


Most travel insurance is cheap compared to the cost of your trip. Although we’d all rather spend our holiday money having fun, if something does happen,as it sometimes does! it will be worth every euro in most cases to have . Typically, coverage costs no more than a dinner while on holidays.For more information…… check out

Cover abroad

While most major medical plans will offer some protection anywhere in the world, under many circumstance, they won’t offer coverage at their full amounts. For example, if you get sick on a cruise ship you might find your basic co-pay plan will only cover 50 percent of a doctor’s visit on board the ship or– perhaps even none. Some travel insurance policies, however, will cover this and a whole lot more. Out of country travelers, too, find this coverage very beneficial for covering them when nothing else will.


In most cases, some form of travel insurance is available to people without medical examination required. It may not cover pre-existing conditions, but it can make dealing with a crisis away from home a whole lot easier.

Peace of mind

Just having this low-cost coverage while away from home can give you a certain peace of mind. Since holidays are about relaxation and enjoyment,ensuring this can really help make a trip.
Going on holidays is about having fun, relaxing and doing new things.
Sometimes accidents happen. When they do, travel-insurance,ie can provide an extra level of comfort and peace of mind.

Travel insurance while traveling to foreign countries is an often-neglected area. Falling ill or getting injured during international travel on business or pleasure can be an extremely traumatic affair. You are far away from home in a foreign land, unsure of the medical facilities available and probably not carrying enough money! You may need to be evacuated and taken home by air ambulance! The potential financial burden could be overwhelming and cause extreme worry.

To avoid this dilemma, savy travellers are prepared by having travel insurance. Check to see whether your regular health insurance takes care of medical costs in other countries. If it does, check what’s the extent of your coverage and you might be able to go with a lower cost travel insurance policy.

You can purchase travel insurance with global coverage or coverage for specific continents for a period of five days to three years. There are no age restrictions, and single trip or multiple trips can be covered. Multi-trip coverage includes all of your travel plans. For a nominal increase in the fee, your coverage can include hazardous sports activities. Coverage for children may be free in some travel insurance plans but always check to be sure.

Decide what type of coverage you require. If you are travelling alone, there is no point in taking out a family policy. If you are not intending to participate in hazardous sports you will not need that coverage. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is essential to check that it is covered,and always over insure ratehr than under insure if in doubt!

Carry your medical records with you if possible. Hospitalization, ambulance services and prescription drugs should be included in the package. If you have a serious pre-existing medical condition, the evacuation policy may be advisable.


Get the best deal on travel insurance

Get the best deal on travel insurance

It is essential to have travel insurance for your holidays abroad. The challenge is to choose the best provide that. Good insurance should protect and cover you and your family for all eventualities.You should not neccessarily take the insurance policy from your travel airline when you book your flights because often these policies will cost more than a specialised travel insurance company will charge and will not always offer the same amount of cover.

A lot of people do not believe that travel insurance is neccessary but if you ever meet some one that has had an accident abroad and did not have travel insurance,their story normally turns out to sound like a nightmare!

Multi-trip travel insurance can be better value for money if you go abroad more than once a year so bear that in mind when you are making a purchase.


Travel insurance industry

More and more people have started travelling as the world becomes smaller due to more efficent means of travel around the world, and as this progresses the travel insurance industry has also become more efficient. Only a couple of travel insurance options were available fifteen years ago or so and now there are many different options, all to the benefit of the traveller.This is great for consumers today and with we provide comprehensive travel insurance cover at a great price.

It’s important to purchase travel insurance

When planning to travel, take the time to purchase the correct travel insurance policy which will enable you to relax and enjoy the holiday with the knowledge that you are well covered for all eventualities that might come your or your families way! The main travel insurance options to choose from are Single trip Travel Insurance,Multi trip Travel Insurance,Backpacker Travel Insurance and Business Travel Insurance.Having the correct Travel Insurance will provide you with great peace of mind while having a great time on your holidays.Travel insurance delivers a level of financial and medical security to a person when traveling and enables a person to take the rough with the smooth.

Travel insurance comes into its own when there are medical emergencies or lost baggage or trips are delayed. do our best to provide the best travel insurance on the Irish market. provide cheap travel insurance that is excellent value. offer a range of holiday insurance plans for single trips,annual multi trips as well as backpacker and business travel insurance.

We cover all the world with our travel insurance policies and we provide comprehensive travel insurance at very competitive prices.


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