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Travel insurance can protect you from almost any unexpected circumstances while you’re travelling.
Whether you want cover for a trip cancellation or to pay for the costs of hotel reservations and other associated fees after a missed flight or if you need medical expenses covered to protect you from the extensive costs of overseas treatment and hospitals as well as possibly repatriation costs! can make sure that you are well covered so that you can travel with the peace of mind knowing that what ever might happen you should be just fine!

Travel insurance is particularly popular with families, college students and other travellers who need to protect themselves from potentially very high costs if they fall sick or have an accident or incident while travelling . In the last few years, travel insurance has become one of the most popular insurance products available, as it is extremely cost-effective and very good value for money. It’s practically indispensable on international trips, and for travellers of all ages and occupations, it’s the only way to take full control over the potential costs of a trip.

Whether you’re planning on travelling by your self or with a group of friends or family, can help you find an appropriate travel insurance policy that will meet your needs.If something goes wrong,you will know where to turn to and what’s more, you’ll be able to receive advice and compensation when you need it the most.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to know where to start when looking for travel insurance but we here at like to think that we make it easy. An ideal policy will offer sufficient coverage at a great price, but finding that is not always easy.We keep our plans simple and they are easy to understand and buy.
Buying travel-insurance here on should only take a few minutes and you will then be able to travel with the
knowledge that you’re well protected from the significant costs of unexpected circumstances ,ie accidents etc!

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We provide ;

Annual Multitrip Travel Insurance

Single Trip travel Insurance

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Business Trip Travel Insurance
We provide great value cheap travel insurance at a very competitive price and we use the most competitive provider in the Irish market place.

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